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acid_dollhouse's Journal

that other kind of dolls
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okay listen up... the rules!

- fill out an application first, do not post or comment on any post other than your own application, until you've been stamped as a member.

- you have 24 hours to fill out the app once you've joined this group

- make all posts friends-only.

- once you've posted an application you cannot change it! unless you've fucked up the code (which, of course, you won't) or you did something else dreadfully wrong but contact a mod first. so re-read it before posting.

- put "let me take you to my acid dollhouse" in the subject line of your application.

- as an applicant it is not wise to pick fight with members over their criticism toward you. deal with it.

- when commenting on a vote, please erase the subject line. it makes it easier to count the votes.

- once you are a member please stay active by posting your pictures, artwork, writing and other interesting issues.

- promoting is accepted, but keep it limited! promoting other communities/parties/websites only behind a cut and attached to a "regular post" (see above rule)

- as a member do not judge new applicants on their taste in music or movies, also do not vote yes with lines like: "because your my best friend!" or "because we live in the same place!" be a little less shallow. please criticism them on the way they filled out the application, their style, the way they dress, the way they apply make up, and so on. but do remember the community mission, be very picky towards applicants. are they really worthy to be 'top cabular'?

- Due to differing societies and cultures, members please do not discriminate based on age and whether or not the applicant drinks or does drugs. Each culture in this world has different standards and laws.

- english is the only language spoken here! don't shut people out by commenting in your own language.

- limit the number of boring webcam picture posts, we love pictures with a bit of an artistic touch!

- artistic nudity, steamy story's and fetish-related discussions are very welcome. but do place these things behind a lj-cut.


the application is in the field below, don't fuck with the code. don't forget to change the lj-cut text.


Creator/mod ::: Cemeteryslut888 :: introduction

Mod ::: Freakymedusa :: introduction

go to the member's page

go to the banned page


Member of the month:

allright, the theme for next month will be:


Classical - gas masks - victorian - carnivale - eyepatch, pirate - batman - zorro - etc etc

contest ends 28 februari.


to all new members: please use these banners to promote! the codes are in the boxes bellow







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