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that other kind of dolls [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
that other kind of dolls

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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2007|04:56 pm]
that other kind of dolls
My latest piece of artwork up in my art journal…
Just follow the thumbnail for the full image and more info.

Hey there [Aug. 13th, 2007|05:10 am]
that other kind of dolls
[feeling |blahblah]
[listening |NIN - Zero Sum]

Is that a gun in your pocket or...

Yeah I'm happy to see youCollapse )
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The Bridal Party [Aug. 11th, 2007|12:06 am]
that other kind of dolls

Part One of the set where I'm all the members of a wedding party, just the females in this one (males won't be up for awhile, as I'm rather ill)

Not Always The Bride's MaidCollapse )
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In The Grand Tradition of Every "Gothic Model" On The Internet [Jul. 31st, 2007|02:28 pm]
that other kind of dolls

I give you... with all the melodrama you could ever want...
Me in a Graveyard!Collapse )
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HOME! [Jul. 9th, 2007|04:22 pm]
that other kind of dolls

I'm finally back in Massachusetts, and exhausted! I took loads of pictures though so here are a few:
Yukon HazelCollapse )
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Alright... so... skimpy bikini time! [Jun. 25th, 2007|08:01 pm]
that other kind of dolls

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow for Canada then Alaska... who wants to help me pick out a bathing suit for the cruise.
Disclaimer: Any lusting these photos cause is purely your own fault, I'm just trying to pick out a bathing suit that doesn't make my ass look weird, or my boobs look saggy... which is why this entry is friend's locked... so I don't have to deal with random males being assholes, am I clear?
On With The ShowCollapse )
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new peircings ^.^ [Jun. 13th, 2007|01:18 am]
that other kind of dolls
[feeling |dorkydorky]
[listening |Count of Monte Cristo]

RAWRCollapse )
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Seeing, and Being Scene [Jun. 6th, 2007|10:51 pm]
that other kind of dolls

So, lately I've been trying out various fake personas, two more amusing ones have been scene kid, and evangelical chick... so I took photos.

Scene kid:

Gravity defying hair (because we all know that Newton was just a Jeffree wannabe with a bad wig), check, eyeshadow so bright it blinds passers by, check, fake pearls, check, sunglasses twice the size of my head, check, pretensious bitch attitude, fuck you, but check.

ROBOTZ!Collapse )

Evangelical chick:

Hi, I like children and conservative politics, oh, and real men, the kind that can fix a muffler!

Blessed By Baby Angels!Collapse )
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Grad Pictures [May. 30th, 2007|09:08 pm]
that other kind of dolls

[feeling |creativecreative]
[listening |Blank Generation - Richard Hell & The Voidoids]

Alright I guess this is my first official picture post thing, I decided what better to post than fancy pictures of me and my Grad/Prom dress. Anyways be ruthless!

Tear this upCollapse )

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Baby Do I Give You A Fever? [May. 28th, 2007|03:14 am]
that other kind of dolls

Well I bought this nurse's outfit so I could be a scary nurse... and then I realized... exactly how short it was... so adaptable thing that I am
Slutty nurse photos! Possibley NSFWCollapse )

And a few random photos from spending time with LillieCollapse )
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